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We accelerate 10 to 15 teams per cohort and accept applications from anywhere in the world.

Berkeley Xcelerator has truly delivered its promise to inspire, empower, and actually help blockchain startups to reach their potentials. Its network of friends ... is world-class, and opportunities to be part of some top-notch programs ... have been indelibly impactful and meaningful to our journey.

— Bette Chen, Co-founder of Acala Network (SP ‘20)


Extending a Helping Hand

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is the newest lab at the Center for Entrepreneurship in the School of Engineering. We provide non-dilutive support for selected teams, providing access to resources both on and off campus.

We also have Visiting Scholar opportunities, for which applications are currently open. This is the newest Visiting Scholar program in our department.

Our motive is purely to advance technology, create new ventures and support researchers.


Cohort 7

The AI-Powered Robo-Advisory Making Web3 Investing Accessible to Everyone

Belong is the most Web2-friendly token-gating solution for communities, events, and content feeds


CoopHive is the coordination layer for decentralized intelligence and the decentralized future

Revolutionizing AI with a global computing network for affordable GPUs

Giza is a machine learning (ML) platform that enables verifiable ML inference at scale

Programmable Data Composability for Trustless Data Primitives

We build the digital infrastructure for the Circular Economy

Crypto ramps App in Central America for cross-border remittances & payments

A cryptographic technology provider focusing on Web3 infrastructures

Sidechain is the first onchain commerce (ocommerce) marketplace


Cohort 6

Acurast connects worlds such as Web2 with Web3 through its universal interoperability layer

AltLayer is a Rollup-as-a-Service platform for decentralized application developers to launch highly scalable application-tailored execution layers (aka Layer 2s)

Ap0cene is the future of fashion - our blockchain-powered platform is transforming the industry by eliminating waste, promoting transparency, and empowering sustainable, ethical fashion choices for all

Infrastructure platform to launch, integrate and secure decentralized networks and applications at unprecedented speeds.

A modular L2 that leverages offchain data from Web2 streaming and social platforms to enable onchain value creation

Web3 App, Support Local Businesses & Save Money At The Same Time. Grab USDC & Start Shopping Today

Real-Time Web3 Threat Prevention

Privacy-preserving infrastructure on ZK chains

Hardware crypto wallet

A noncustodial, multichain web wallet

Next-gen web3 wallets company

Societal is an EVM-compatible appchain that makes it easy to organize, govern, and grow on-chain communities

Sortium AI is a cutting-edge AI & Web3 platform designed for the gaming and virtual production industries

A Front End For Cosmos that allows users to stake, swap and purchase ETFs and NFTs from one simple interface (similar to Zapper.fi)

Zip Inc.

Let network of agents do work for you: turn your insights into optimized on-chain actions by AI


Cohort 5


A remittance platform created to provide an easier and affordable way for users to send and receive money.

A one-stop solution for brands who want an NFT metaverse to monetize their digital content IP.


Anorra simplifies the path to DeFi via GameFi, aiming to be the first and last bank account of young crypto investors and gamers.

Auth3 Network

Unlock value of data assets through user-controlled on-chain identity.


StepN for climate- earn money by sequestering carbon.

The Blockchain for Business

A decentralized digital economy for ESG investing.


A web3 creator economy marketplace and social content protocol.

A fully on-chain MMO game.

Tools for direct bookings of vacation rentals, powered by blockchain.

Tap into your community capital.

An all-in-one platform for development and publishing of metaverse games.

The crypto challenger bank.

Own and invest in your favorite music with NFTs and DeFi.


A decentralized, curated NFT marketplace.

An automation blockchain for DeFi and recurring payments.

An interest-bearing stablecoin.

The fiat hub of Polkadot - a blockchain optimized for forex and fintechs.

Enabling artists to build NFTs without code.

A high-performance order-book DEX.


Cohort 4

Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides middleware-like traceless privacy services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot to achieve privacy, high assurance and frictionless computation.

Basin Logix is a platform that uses blockchain and water resource modeling to enable growers, water managers and regulators mitigate water supply uncertainty by facilitating trustless resource governance and management.

Start your own bit country for your fans with metaverse, token economy & governance.

Coinrule catches the next market opportunity on your behalf by automating your investments.

We provide institutional-grade, AI-powered data, tools and analytics to Crypto Market Professionals

DataGateway is building a Decentralized Internet Ecosystem and Cloud 3.0 Services Platform using IPFS and a multi-blockchain infrastructure.


Legal entity formation services for crypto users & DAOs.

An application-specific blockchain for DeFi
focused on providing deep cross-chain
liquidity via Omnipool with tight spreads and
the highest possible execution reliability.


Mooch is an automated budgeting app that pays you to budget.

The Data Infrastructure for DeFi and Web 3.0 Powered by Polkadot

Litentry is a cross-chain identity aggregation protocol that enable identity linking across different networks.

The plug-and-play interoperable privacy protocol for the entire DeFi stack.

New financial system powered by digital assets to help people to manage their money through a digital wallet that works with blockchain technology integrating digital assets (cryptocurrencies) to allow users make P2P money transfers between countries through the wallet in real time and a low cost

OnFinality’s mission is to support blockchain developers by providing infrastructure services to customers of all shapes and sizes.

An EVM & EWASM featured Substrate blockchain to bridge application and developer ecosystem between Ethereum and Polkadot.

We are building a real world crypto economy that turns mobile minutes/data into money.


ReSource enables businesses access to a complementary line of credit that they can spend with each other in a closed network.

Revix is a platform that enables everyday people to invest in emerging themes, sectors and asset classes in an effortless way.

Supra-Oracles brings on-chain oracle data ‘closer to the data-faucet’ enabling trustless, transparent, immutably secure data feeds into blockchains.

The blockchain payment solution for digital currencies and e-commerce.


Cohort 3

A decentralised stablecoin and staking liquidity platform powering cross-blockchain open finance applications.

ARterra is an engagement platform designed for streamers, esports teams, and traditional sports franchises to engage and incentivize fans in dynamic ways.

In-game AdTech platform for consumer brands.

Blok-Z enables energy providers to sell truly transparent, sustainable and individualized energy services through the real-time tracking of local renewable energy.


Balancing the power dynamic between lenders and borrowers.

Stablecoin inter-operability protocol.

Your key to digital asset banking - Custody and asset-servicing solutions for institutional investors, corporations an HNWI.

GVOS: An edge cloud for autonomous driving.

Customer acquisition platform for crypto companies.

A digital asset and payments platform for traditional debt products.

Decentralized delay tolerant wireless network.

Ethereum farming MMO that treats cannabis with respect.

Outplay is a suite of tools that enables game developers to transform their single player game of skills into a multiplayer tournament with crypto as payout.

We do proprietary quant trading in cryptocurrency markets.

We help people partner with their doctor to create health and earn money.

We are building a real world crypto economy that turns mobile minutes/data into money.

Astar (formerly Stake Technologies)

Making core infrastructure for realizing Web3.0.

Earn cryptocurrency rewards by shopping online, playing games, and trying new products.


Cohort 2

The safest, most efficient and most reliable way to trade large amounts of crypto-assets


A faster, cheaper, better, automatic, and trusted Blockchain-enabled distribution of the $1.2 trillion/yr in assets handled manually by the current antiquated and inefficient estate (wills and trusts) industry.

Mobile web browser that helps you support creators directly without ads or tracking and protects your privacy. Powered by Coil and Interledger open protocol.

IPFS for Developers - Pinata makes it simple to upload content to IPFS with developer tools and fetch it at blazing speeds with Dedicated Gateways.


Nickel’s principal product, NiX, is Asia’s first decentralized exchange for institutional FX trading.

Mt Hash

A pool-based tokenized hash power allocation platform with enterprise collocation mining providers.

Your key to digital asset banking - Custody and asset-servicing solutions for institutional investors, corporations an HNWI.

Leaf provides digital financial services to refugees so that they can store and transport assets across borders from a feature phone, avoiding cash.

Search Engine for Regulation. KryptoGO organizes blockchain information, to make blockchain more accessible to everyone and helps SMEs comply with regulations. KryptoGO provides enterprise-level blockchain solutions.

We aspire to be the pioneers of the next paradigm healthcare data ecosystem by empowering efficiency and frictionless flow of data allowing for new market creation, redistribution of value for patients and all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

The Eluvio content fabric is an open high performance software network for management and distribution of large form content (video) using decentralized and content-centric design.


Coin Assistant is the world’s first financial assistant for digital assets.

Cincel is a blockchain platform for signing and securing digital documents


Bounty0x is a freelancing marketplace for the gig economy and the easiest way to earn cryptocurrency

The turnkey blockchain solution for dematerializing and delivering tamper-proof diplomas and certificates in a heartbeat!


Cohort 1


Software for Industry 4.0 Champions

Accelerating our transition to a low carbon energy grid by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of carbon credits.

TruSource automates the creation and management of blockchain oracles for developers and data providers.

SWFT Pay, a crypto payment platform, makes sending value across 30 blockchains and 135 cryptocurrencies as easy as sending an email.


Source is a platform that enables management, interoperability, and ownership of data.

Blok Party has built the PlayTable - a social gaming platform that breathes new life into tabletop gaming with the power of blockchain.

Insolar is a global technology company building innovative public and private blockchain solutions on Insolar Blockchain Platform, the most secure, flexible and scalable blockchain for business.

Payment processing for crypto assets.

Accelerator for all blockchain systems.

We make it possible to gather insights from data which would be otherwise inaccessible because it’s impossible to centralize.

Bitmark is the property system for establishing value and legal control over the world’s data.

AI-powered blockchain ecosystem security. Our industry-leading intelligence helps secure and grow your blockchain business.