Demo Day 2022

Agenda, Sponsors, Team & Livestream Details Below


The Demo Day will take place on Tuesday, November 1 at 4:45pm, as part of the Crypto Economics Security Conference,, hosted by Berkeley RDI and the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. Please click below to register for the conference and Demo Day.

Agenda - Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Pauley Ballroom, MLK Building, Berkeley Campus & Livestreamed - See Link Below

All Day- Day 2

4:00 - Check-in

4:45 - Welcome from Leadership, Berkeley's CIEO Richard Lyons & more

5:00 - 2022 Cohort Presentations - 19 teams will present for ~4 min on their work and successes!

        DeFi: OAK Network, AlfredPay, Vitex, Overnight, Moon, Pendulum Chain

        Sustainability: Bitgreen, Avatree

        GameFi: Anorra, Curio

        NFTs: NoRamp (previously Campground), NilDAO, Anifie, Miintplex (previously, Muusic

        B2B, B2C: Fairmint, Dtravel

        Infra: Auth3, Avem

6:15 - Reception & Tabling by Teams. Beverages and light fare provided.

7:15 - Meetup in Downtown Berkeley at Comal - Register here


Public transportation via BART or rideshare is suggested. Public parking is available in various lots near or on campus.


2022 Teams


Cohort 5


A remittance platform created to provide an easier and affordable way for users to send and receive money.

A one-stop solution for brands who want an NFT metaverse to monetize their digital content IP.


Anorra simplifies the path to DeFi via GameFi, aiming to be the first and last bank account of young crypto investors and gamers.

Auth3 Network

Unlock value of data assets through user-controlled on-chain identity.


StepN for climate- earn money by sequestering carbon.

The Blockchain for Business

A decentralized digital economy for ESG investing.


A web3 creator economy marketplace and social content protocol.

A fully on-chain MMO game.

Tools for direct bookings of vacation rentals, powered by blockchain.

Tap into your community capital.

An all-in-one platform for development and publishing of metaverse games.

The crypto challenger bank.

Own and invest in your favorite music with NFTs and DeFi.


A decentralized, curated NFT marketplace.

An automation blockchain for DeFi and recurring payments.

An interest-bearing stablecoin.

The fiat hub of Polkadot - a blockchain optimized for forex and fintechs.

Enabling artists to build NFTs without code.

A high-performance order-book DEX.


CESC 2022 - Presented by the Berkeley Center for Responsible, Decentralized Intelligence (RDI)

The Xcelerator 2022 Demo Day will be held in affiliation with CESC 2022!

The Crypto Economics Security Conference (CESC) aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to showcase and discuss the most recent developments in blockchain and Web3.

CESC is hosted by Berkeley RDI (the Berkeley Center for Responsible, Decentralized Intelligence),  a multi-disciplinary center supported by 3 pillars: research, education, and community / entrepreneurship.

Under the leadership of Profs. Dawn Song and Christine Parlour, the new Center currently includes over 14 UC Berkeley faculty from computer science,  finance/economics, and law. 

Research areas include foundations for next generation decentralization technologies including scalability, usability, provable security guarantees, auditable privacy, incentive compatibility, systemic stability, and decentralized systems and intelligence, decentralized governance, and responsible innovation / regulation guidance, etc. 

For more information about Berkeley RDI, please see for MOOCs on Web3 & DeFi, faculty, research opportunities and more!