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 The Xcelerator Demo Day for Cohort 6 took place on Sunday, August 27, at 5:00pm, following the Future of Decentralization, AI, and Computing Summit hosted by Berkeley RDI Please see the link below to view the livestream recording for all teams.

To view individual team recordings and decks, please scroll down to the tile for each team below.


2023 Teams


Cohort 6

Acurast connects worlds such as Web2 with Web3 through its universal interoperability layer

AltLayer is a Rollup-as-a-Service platform for decentralized application developers to launch highly scalable application-tailored execution layers (aka Layer 2s)

Ap0cene is the future of fashion - our blockchain-powered platform is transforming the industry by eliminating waste, promoting transparency, and empowering sustainable, ethical fashion choices for all

Infrastructure platform to launch, integrate and secure decentralized networks and applications at unprecedented speeds.

A modular L2 that leverages offchain data from Web2 streaming and social platforms to enable onchain value creation

Web3 App, Support Local Businesses & Save Money At The Same Time. Grab USDC & Start Shopping Today

Real-Time Web3 Threat Prevention

Privacy-preserving infrastructure on ZK chains

Hardware crypto wallet

A noncustodial, multichain web wallet

Next-gen web3 wallets company

Societal is an EVM-compatible appchain that makes it easy to organize, govern, and grow on-chain communities

Sortium AI is a cutting-edge AI & Web3 platform designed for the gaming and virtual production industries

A Front End For Cosmos that allows users to stake, swap and purchase ETFs and NFTs from one simple interface (similar to

Zip Inc.

Let network of agents do work for you: turn your insights into optimized on-chain actions by AI