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Blockchain at Berkeley
Berkeley Haas

Advisors + Educators

Photo of Luke Kowalski

Luke Kowalski

Professor & Industry Fellow, SCE


Photo of Laura Tyson

Laura Tyson

Accelerator Advisor & Director, Berkeley Haas Institute for Business & Social Impact

Photo of Rhonda Shrader

Rhonda Shrader

Accelerator Advisor & Executive Director, Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship

Photo of David Schwartz

David Schwartz

CTO at Ripple and XRP Ledger Architect

Photo of Alexander Skidanov

Alexander Skidanov

Cofounder, NEAR

Photo of Gigi Wang

Gigi Wang

SCET Industry Fellow

Photo of Max Fang

Max Fang

Adjunct Professor at UC Berkeley, School of Law

Photo of Ankit Bhatia

Ankit Bhatia

Cofounder and CEO, Sapien

Photo of Ashley Lannquist

Ashley Lannquist

Project Lead, Blockchain & DLT at World Economic Forum

Photo of Stephen Torres

Stephen Torres

Founder of Sunible, CEO of MyDomino

Photo of Jeff Eyet

Jeff Eyet

Cofounder, Berkeley Innovation Group

Photo of Gloria Zhao

Gloria Zhao

Accelerator Advisor, President, Blockchain at Berkeley

Photo of Dawn Song

Dawn Song

UC Berkeley Professor, Division of CS/EECS

Photo of Sunny Aggarwal

Sunny Aggarwal

Researcher at Tendermint/Cosmos

Photo of Gregory Leblanc

Gregory LeBlanc

Faculty Director, Berkeley Fintech Institute

Photo of Aliaksandr Hudzilin

Aliaksandr Hudzilin

Head of Business Development NEAR

Photo of Craig DeWitt

Craig DeWitt

Director, Product Management, xCurrent, Ripple

Photo of Moses Lo

Moses Lo

Founder and CEO Xendit


Photo of Rob Massey

Rob Massey

Global Tax Leader, Deloitte


Mentors + Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR)

Photo of Gigi Wang

Gigi Wang

Global Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Expansion

Photo of Shomit Ghose

Shomit Ghose

General Partner at ONSET Ventures


Photo of Karen Salay

Karen Salay

COO/Co-founder, Perceive, Inc.


Photo of Max Fang

Max Fang

Adjunct Professor at University of California, Berkeley - School of Law

Photo of Rachel Payne

Rachel Payne




Photo of isaiah steinfeld

Isaiah Steinfeld

Entrepreneur in Residence, VF Venture Foundry | National Board Member, AIGA (The American Institute of Graphic Arts)

Photo of Zhen Cao

Zhen Cao

Partner at JLAB | JD capital 九鼎投资



Photo of Alex Ye

Alex Ye

Republic Advisory Services: Business Development and Research


Photo of Samantha Radocchia

Samantha Radocchia

Co-Founder/CMO. Chronicled


Photo of Vanishree Rao

Vanishree Rao

Cryptographer, O(1)




Photo of Luca Cosentino

Luca Cosentino

Growth, Oasis Labs



Photo of Yuval Mann

Yuval Mann

Business Development, Sales and Fundraising


Photo of Rick Rasmussen

Rick Rasmussen

Industry Fellow and Faculty Member at UC Berkeley

Photo of Nick White

Nick White

Cofounder, Harmony Protocol


Photo of Allen Liu

Allen Liu

Engineering Dirctor of Interenational, Vite Labs Limited


Photo of Krit Thadaka

Kirit Thadaka

Lead Technology Architect at Zero Labs, Inc.

Photo of Daeki Lee

Daeki Lee

U.S. Accelerator at ICON


Photo of Kartik Gupta

Kartik Gupta

Salesforce Ventures


Photo of Michael Gasiorek

Michael Gasiorek

Founding Partner, Truth Cartel

Photo of Kamir Kothari

Kamir Kothari

Director, Early Stage Venture at Silicon Valley Bank

Photo of Chris Li

Chris Li

Blockchain Practitioner | Business Developer | Venture Capital | Industrial Engineer

Photo of Ronen Kirsh

Ronen Kirsh

Co-founder of Blockchain at Berkeley and Dekrypt Capital


Photo of R. Paul Singh

R. Paul Singh

Founder of 5 Start-ups. Coach/Advisor to CEOs


Photo of Anthony DiPrinzio

Anthony DiPrinzio

Digital Innovation Manager, BASF Blockchain Lab

Photo of Luis Gómez

Luis G. Gómez

Lead Technology Architect at Zero Labs, Inc.


Photo of Esha Sahai

Esha Sahai

Venture Capitalist


Photo of Abid Azam

Abid Azam

Cofounder, matterBase


Photo of Khasimul Mohammad

Khasimul Asif Mohammad

Cofounder and Product Head, Takshashila Way

Photo of Sid Masih

Sid Masih

Software Engineer, Facebook



Michelle Tsing

Futurist, Entrepreneur, Founder, Attorney

Photo of Michael Beller

Michael Beller

General Partner, CoVenture


Photo of Adam Marsh

Adam Marsh

Partner, CrossCoin Ventures


Photo of Adam Leon

Adam Leon

MouseBelt Engineering | MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator

Photo of Sandy Khaund

Sandy Khaund

Ticket Management & Blockchain Products Vice President at Ticketmaster

Photo of Sean Hoge

Sean Hoge

Founder, General Partner, Genesis Block Asset Management

Photo of Vai Mack

Vai Mack

Founder, Festival Labs




Photo of Elliot Teissonniere

Eliott Teissonniere

Chief Blockchain Architect,


Photo of Kaitie Penry

Kaitie Penry

University Program Director | NSIN, U.S. Department of Defense at NSIN - National Security Innovation Network


David James

CEO and Founder, dB Technology



Photo of Nattaphol Vimolchalao

Nattaphol Vimolchalao

Visiting Scholar at University of California, Berkeley


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