With the recent increase in e-commerce behavior due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BBX Portfolio company StormX has experienced significant traction in terms of user growth on their platform. Highlighted in ,,Coindesk, Storm provides the top cash-back program for users, up to 87% cash back on certain online purchases. With 2.5M+ downloads globally and a growing base of retail partners, StormX has seen great progress since their world wide launch, gaining strong user bases in USA, Canada, and Korea . They have also recently created a premium membership program in April, 2020 , with 4k+ users already signing up to receive more significant rewards. 

We are excited for Storm’s strong customer growth, and hope to see continued success from the team. The cash back service they offer is unlike any other, providing a base 6% guaranteed cash back in any currency, making up the rest in Storm tokens. You can reach more about their technology and program on their website: https://stormx.io/.