Flowerpatch by Nugbase is a virtual cannabis farm game where you can plant and raise exotic cannabis flowers to earn cryptocurrency. In this game you are a farmer whose goal is to expand their cannabis farm and breed rare species. As you begin you are thrown into a world called Altiva. As you explore this area you will discover new species of flowers to grow and thus expand your farm. Furthermore, you can interact with real players in the world. This enables many interesting interactions such as trading flowers, cross pollination between specimens to create hybrids, and finally collaboration in order to work together to create a farm. By harvesting flowers you earn Nug, built on top of the Ethereum chain to create secure, reversible transactions without the traditional Credit Card fees.

To onboard new users, the team at Flowerpatch deployed several marketing strategies on 4/20, referring to April 20th the famous Cannabis celebration day. To engage with their existing users as well as introduce the platform to new people they approached the problem leveraging an area the Company has a strong foothold in, online marketing. With a strong online presence the first obvious place to turn to was memes. A popular form of self expression on the internet has quickly become one of the largest ways Companies can tap into large audiences. The way Flowerpatch approached was by creating a meme contest. Using this formula, not only was the content fresh and relevant, based on the users own experiences but also relatable to users not already on the platform. Furthermore, since the users themselves are publishing original content the followers of that user will see their post and be curious to what they are referring to. A perfect storm, creating a network effect of marketing.

Next, the team introduced presents into the game. Presents are random daily drops where you can unlock random Cannabinoids. This engages users to log onto the platform, stay up to date with the Flowerpatch market, and even make some cryptocurrency. This is also a great opportunity to attract new users into the game by offering them a quick and easy way to get up to speed on game mechanics and possible opportunities. If you receive a free pack, plant it next to another player and that hybrid becomes a special plant that the user will be much more interested and engaged.

With these efforts Flowerpatch has seen steady growth in users. As users are the lifeblood of games with virtual markets it is essential that not only user numbers but daily active numbers are high. In the future to expand user creativity and freedom Flowerpatch seeks to expand its singular world into separate worlds that players can rent and play with friends. Furthermore, Flowerpatch seeks to connect with cannabis dispensaries to give away real life cards with QR codes to make it as easy and seamless as possible to get in game. These efforts are done to tailor to a more casual user base which does not care much for cryptocurrency or virtual markets but simply wants a game to live out their dreams of being a cannabis farmer.

With its catchy visuals, engaging gameplay, and innovative features Flowerpatch is an amazing platform for anyone interested in the cannabis or cryptocurrency space. And the perfect storm for someone who enjoys both!