Third Wall is on a mission to build a safer, more secure world of decentralized finance. Over 170 billion dollars is locked into decentralized finance protocols, and less than 1% of that total is insured. At the same time, over $1 billion has been stolen through smart contract hacks of uninsured protocols.

We believe DeFi protocol insurance will be necessary to onboard institutions and the next billion everyday users of crypto. DeFi needs an additional layer of protection, and that is what we are building at Third Wall. Read our litepaper: – we are currently on testnet! We have a broader vision beyond Third Wall. Our team has a few other projects in development, and we’re looking for more people to join our team to help execute and launch them. We especially need help with web development/design. Please reach out if you are interested in contributing in this capacity or in any other as well – Anish Nuni