Berkeley celebrates the completion of the Fall 2019 Batch on December 11 with Demo Day! Founders from thirteen teams showcased their innovative blockchain solutions to an audience of investors, faculty, staff, and students. These founders, hand-picked for inclusion in the Xcelerator, represent some of the brightest minds in a complex and disruptive industry. The accomplishments of the teams and their readiness for market has been recognized by the venture firm community, with plenteous requests for meetings by investors.

The teams:

BCdiploma – With over 60 customers on 4 continents and headquartered in Paris, BCdiploma provides a turnkey blockchain solution for dematerializing and delivering tamper-proof diplomas and attestations in a heartbeat!

Bounty0X – Having awarded over $5M in crypto rewards to promoters in the past 2 years, Bounty0x is positioned to be the influencer marketing platform brands and agencies rely on to hire up and coming influencers with efficiency and trackable results.

CINCEL – Headquartered in Mexico City, CINCEL is a SaaS solution targeted at the unique problems of the LATAM market, allowing businesses and governments the ability to safely manage, sign and store their sensitive legal agreements.

COIN – Led by Microsoft veterans, COIN is the world’s first financial assistant for digital assets is a crypto bank powered by an AI-assistant that works to help you save time and money.

Eluvio – Based in Berkeley and led by the previous founders of Aspera, Eluvio revolutionizes how video content is distributed at Internet scale, enabling new forms of monetization and distribution, and eliminating today’s costly CDNs, transcoding services and databases; the solution is targeted to in production by late this year.

KryptoGO – As new financial regulations (e.g. FATF) take effect in mid-2020, companies and governments need a better interface for blockchain protocols, ergo KryptoGO – a launched solution that connects fiat and crypto identities, the real and virtual worlds, and all through a non-tech, friendly search engine, to ensure regulatory compliance.

Leaf Global Fintech – Leaf Global Fintech is a global virtual bank that address a $42B market by providing digital financial services to the 68M refugees on the move today, so that they can store and transport assets across borders from a feature phone without carrying cash.

MtHash – Quite simply, MtHash allows anyone to mine crypto through their subscription-based mining platform, which uses smart contracts to allocate hash power. The solution is built on a Layer-2 PoS network of mining infrastructure and colocation data centers for Hashing as a Service.

Nickel – Addressing the $420T foreign currency market for ASEAN currencies, Singaporean- based Nickel has created NiX, Asia’s first decentralized exchange for institutional FX trading, providing efficiencies and cost savings to every FX trade.

Pinata – Trusted today by over 2000 blockchain developers today, building everything from DAOs to DeFi apps, Pinata provides a simple, secure cloud to handle off-chain data anywhere; addressing blockchain today but needed by everyone storing data in the cloud tomorrow, creating a $331B market opportunity.

Puma Browser – Would you prefer to not be tracked, bothered with ads, or faced with a paywall when you browse the web? Then check out Puma Browser, now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, as Puma provides the world’s first mobile web browser with native micropayments support and a sustainable business model that doesn’t rely on ads or tracking.

RIPchain – Led by UC Berkeley students and twins who graduated from Berkeley at 16, RIPchain provides a faster, cheaper, better, automatic, and trusted Blockchain-enabled distribution of the $1.2 trillion/yr in assets handled manually by the current antiquated and inefficient estate (wills and trusts) industry.

Sheeld Market – Addressing the $24T Dark Pool market and initially large crypto trades, Sheeld Market allows market participants to exchange large amounts of assets without price exposure and alpha leakage via chip encrypted Dark Pools that protect users interests from toxic trading behavior – in essence, liquidity through privacy.

The Xcelerator is a joint venture by three premier organizations on the UC Berkeley campus: Berkeley Engineering’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, the Haas School of Business, and the Blockchain at Berkeley student group. Its purpose is to move new blockchain technologies and ventures forward through leveraging the unparalleled resources at UC Berkeley while providing unique educational opportunities for our student body and the blockchain ecosystem in Berkeley and beyond.

If you would like to join the Xcelerator, then apply on the F6s platform! You will gain access to unparalleled technical expertise, connections, and exposure as part of the Berkeley ecosystem and advance your blockchain business venture. Applications are being accepted now until January 31st for start of our single batch in April 2020.

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