,,Nodle aims to equip every Internet of Things (IoT) device, shipping pallet, shipping container, electric scooter, and much more with the ability to connect to the internet without the need for wifi or cellular connection. They achieve this by leveraging existing smartphones, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled routers, and blockchain technology to create a network of secure, privacy-first online devices that are able to tunnel the traffic for devices that cannot connect to the internet themselves.

Micha Benoliel, Nodle’s Co-founder and CEO, is taking lessons from his previous ventures Open Garden and FireChat, by setting out on a mission to bring the next trillion IoT devices online, securely and at low-cost. Through the use of a custom protocol they developed in-house, known as Rendez-Vous, they are able to tunnel traffic securely and efficiently through multiple devices acting as routers. To ensure these requirements, Rendez-Vous is deployed on Nodle’s own chain, built on Substrate, to handle certificates,authorization, and authentication.

This new technology enables Nodle to offer 3 types of services to their customers. First, they offer a smart-asset API, which is aimed at large scale operations such as consumer electronics manufactures or smart cities that may need to collect data from sensors. Physical assets or goods can be efficiently tracked and located with the use of very small and cheap Bluetooth stickers (receivers) Second, Nodle offers security certificates on their platform. Compared to HTTPS on the web, Nodle is able to verify the identity of a device and encrypt all traffic flowing out of the device. This is done using their distributed infrastructure of keys on-chain. Thirdly, in the near future Nodle will use the data that it has collected for good by offering services to build smarter cities, better trade routes, as well as for hedge funds, and more accurate advertising.

In order to incentivize the growth of their global wireless network, Nodle has deployed an eco-friendly cryptocurrency remote-mining solution called ,,Nodle Cash. Nodle Cash is the reward that pays out the carrier of the data traffic, whether that be your own smartphone running the Nodle Cash app or a Bluetooth-enabled IoT device carrying another device’s data traffic. Any device running Nodle’s SDK that is connected to the internet can also earn Nodle Cash.

Since Nodle is software-only and uses low energy Bluetooth, it does not follow the traditional, wasteful mining techniques, which are detrimental to the environment and have unfortunately earned the crypto mining space a bad reputation over the years.

Nodle is truly leveraging blockchain technology for the betterment of society. While chatting with Micha, he said one of his goals was to create a technology that enables everyone to access the internet for free. This has been his life’s passion, and the root inspiration for a majority of his work; Nodle seems like the closest realization of his dream to date. The idea that you can have an app running in the background of your phone that’s not distracting (I can personally attest to this), and earns you money in real-time, may sound too-good-to-be-true—but it’s a reality.

Meet the Team

Micha Benoliel, Co-founder and CEO of ,,Nodle has been focused all his life on creating an open and free internet for all. Nodle is the third iteration at achieving this grandiose goal.