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It Takes a (Blockchain) Village

August 5, 2019

Spring of 2019 was the semester of collaboration and joint ventures for our Blockchain Challenge Lab. We expanded the program to include FinTech, and the new material and domain resulted in a number of novel projects, many of which are highlighted below. We saw increased teamwork across campus with participation by Berkeley Haas staff, including Whitney…

What I’ve Learned as a Research Scholar at UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab

August 1, 2019

July 31, 2019 Differences in Blockchain Ecosystems of the US, Taiwan, and Hong Kong by 李婷婷 Lee Ting Ting

Application for Fall 2019 Batch Opens at UC Berkeley’s Blockchain Xcelerator!

July 21, 2019

The University of California, Berkeley is pleased to announce that the application for the Fall 2019 Batch of the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator will be open from Monday, July 22nd until Thursday, August 15th at this site. The Xcelerator seeks to support blockchain-related startups by leveraging Berkeley’s uniquely integrated blockchain and innovation ecosystem, ranging from the…

Twelve teams present at the Inaugural Blockchain Xcelerator Demo Day

July 10, 2019

UC Berkeley’s inaugural Blockchain Xcelerator program finished with great fanfare on Demo Day on May 7. Twelve teams presented their achievements to over 150 attendees including investors, blockchain ecosystem partners, faculty, staff, and students. The Xcelerator is a joint venture by three premier organizations on the UC Berkeley campus: Berkeley Engineering’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship…

From Opportunity to Execution: Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator Notes #2

April 30, 2019

Disclaimer: This article contains copyrighted materials by UC Berkeley and Please refer to the original when sharing. This article is my personal notes unless specified and maybe inaccurate. is honored to be selected to the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator2019 batch. In this intense 12 week journey, ten selected startups will attend UC Berkeley in these…

Meet the teams: Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator kicks off with first batch

March 28, 2019

UC Berkeley Launches Accelerator to Support Blockchain Startups

January 28, 2019

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A Risk Redistribution Standard for Practical Cryptocurrency Payment

Appeared DappCon, 2019. Abstract Cryptocurrencies are developed as a decentralized and trustless payment system, in which participants should be able to conduct payments across borders with acceptable latency. However, the fluctuation of the exchange rate between crypto and fiat currencies has raised significant concerns and thwarted the prevalence of cryptocurrency payment adoption. Existing solutions require…

Hierarchical interactions between Ethereum smart contracts across Testnets

Appeared, CryBlock 2018. Abstract Although the primary role of decentralized ledgers, such as blockchains, in cryptocurrencies, is to store data related to interactions between users to establish trust within incognizant parties, their capabilities allow them to offer more sophisticated functionalities. Smart contracts are decentralized rules that are stored on the blockchain and are executed on…

Analyzing Smart Contract Interactions and Contract Level State Consensus

Appeared in CPE Journal, 2018 Abstract Although the primary function of distributed ledgers is to store data related to users’ interactions, their capabilities allow them to offer more sophisticated functionalities. Advances in blockchain technologies introduced smart contracts, software programs that define immutable rules as functions stored on the blockchain and can be executed on demand.…